The Discovery (Single)

by The Ghost Word

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Anatoly has been lying on the ocean floor for 10 years, in a slow state of decay and rust.

A small salvage operation has found him.

Led by fortune hunter Elliot Turner, the group are indecisive and at odds as to what to do with the archaic tech.

A lot has changed in ten years, robots and humans have lived together for 5 years after the ban on synthetic life was lifted.

Their relationship is very different to how it was back before Anatoly drowned.

Some of the group want to sell him for scrap, others have more sympathy and want to fix him up.

As they argue amongst themselves, Anatoly is reactivated in secret below deck by one Sera Vickers, a kindly soul who sense Anatolys childlike nature.

As she warns him of what might happen, and enquires as to how he ended up at the bottom of the ocean in the first place, Elliot finds them and throws Anatoly in the lockup.

The captain sets a course for the mainland, where the decision will be made regarding what to do with the little robot boy.

To be continued...


released August 17, 2015




The Ghost Word UK

Anatoly Whisper, the boy robot, struggles to find his place within a world that doesnt want him.

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